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Cornerstones believes internships are a learning experience and should be mutually beneficial.  An internship can be a unique experience that may provide young people with their first paying job, expose them to new cultures, and develop a sense of responsibility and leadership.  Interns learn traditional building skills during hands-on workshops and many receive an hourly wage.

Through the auspices of US/ICOMOS (United States International Council of Monuments and Sites), Cornerstones frequently has interns from abroad who typically work with us for two months to one year. These may include young professionals with a background in architecture or preservation.  We have welcomed interns from India, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Panama, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Australia, Lithuania, Paraguay, Romania and currently, El Salvador



Volunteer Opportunities - Not just outside!

We believe that a large part of our success is the result of the thousands of volunteer hours of donated labor from community adults, elders and youth for whom the experience helps strengthen pride in their community, bolstering cultural identity and traditions. Cornerstones also receives an enormous amount of volunteer assistance from others across New Mexico and the United States. This includes individuals, college and church groups who call and ask to volunteer. The experience introduces them to new cultures and practices. They also take with them the sense of pride that comes from having contributed to the preservation of a unique culture as well as productive and useful skills that will remain with them throughout their lives.

Cornerstones relies on volunteer assistance. Volunteering, including at our workshops, is open to everyone at all skill levels. At projects in or near Santa Fe, we often have visitors who are on holiday volunteer to take part.  We strive to make volunteering an interesting and fun experience as well as a learning one.

Cornerstones works with volunteers to make sure they get the most out of their experience – this can include paid interns who profit from learning both job and leadership skills.  Whether volunteers work for an hour or for days, their participation is invaluable

If volunteers would rather not work outdoors, there are other volunteering opportunities. Just tell us what you want to learn or do!

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The choice is yours and we are grateful for your support. If you prefer to donate by check, please use the address below.

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We welcome and appreciate your support!

Cornerstones works in partnership with communities to restore historic structures, encourage traditional building practices, and affirm cultural values.

Cornerstones also has an eye to the future in conducting workshops and training programs for youth volunteers and interns, some of whom are international. Participants learn skills that prepare them for future careers.

Cornerstones is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Santa Fe, New Mexico that focuses its work in the Southwest, including California, Texas and many states of the Mexican Frontera. Your donations are tax-deductible!

Help us honor the past and build for the future!