Solar Initiative

Cornerstones is fully dedicated to our new slogan, “Partnering with Communities for a Sustainable Future”, which endorses a new dimension to our preservation efforts…economic development.

Through the generosity of an existing donor, we have created a Solar Initiative directed to installing and maintaining solar energy on tribal lands and extending into economically challenged northern New Mexico villages.  Vital to this effort is the training of youth, the unemployed and the underemployed, health benefits, and cost savings for individuals as well as their communities.  All of the preceding adds to the preservation of buildings and culture with a 21st century thrust.

Cornerstones Community Partnerships and Remy’s Good Day Fund are partnering to invest $250,000 in solar projects by the end of 2019.

New Mexico ranks second in the nation for solar potential but, due to its extreme poverty, has been slow to act on this opportunity.  We want to change this scenario, a step at a time!

As of July 2018, we have funded the following projects:

Gallup Solar, Inc.

Gallup Solar, Inc. has been granted monies for two projects, each designed to train unemployed and underemployed members of the Navajo Nation and Zuni Pueblo living off the grid in the Gallup area. They receive instruction in installing and maintaining solar systems on their own homes and one other.  Program #2 added refrigerators for the storage of medication and fresh food, improving lifestyles.

The Pueblo of Laguna

The Pueblo of Laguna received funds to design and conduct a study of power needs for a solar installation on a community building in one of their six pueblos.

Ribera Community Cultural Center

Ribera Community Cultural Center was awarded funds to add solar to their re-purposed school building which now serves aa a gathering place for many area activities.  Their solar implementation serves as an example of alternative energy to the community . 

Pueblo of Cochiti

Pueblo of Cochiti was granted money to solarize the Hahn Center, their community center.

Santa Fe Community College

Santa Fe Community College received a grant to buy materials and install PV on a Pole, as a prototype of solar power for students in their alternative energy programs and for community members considering a solar installation on their own homes.

(The village of) Santa Clara Senior Center

(The village of) Santa Clara Senior Center was the recipient of funds to solarize the building in which village members eat (sometimes) their only meal of the day and have an opportunity to socialize.

The Education and Career Center at UNM-Taos

The Education and Career Center at UNM-Taos has received funding to design and implement an innovative Integrated Education and Training program to prepare members of the greater Taos community to enter the energy workforce. Their comprehensive program offers opportunity to non-traditional students for personal benefit but also for the betterment of the community.

The Energy Sovereignty Institute

The Energy Sovereignty Institute has been awarded a grant to hold its “Stakeholder Summit Convening”.  “The Energy Sovereignty Institute is a social innovation initiative designed to promote the benefits of decentralized energy systems and technologies for Native American Communities, and to advance their availability and use”.  A key function will be to provide a nationally recognized clearinghouse for related information, resources, and initiatives

Cornerstones is combining the old with the new to protect New Mexico’s unique heritage!