Oct. 9-13 2018

International Workshop  Lime Plaster and Lime Wash Historic Adobe Structures - Doña Ana Village, New Mexico

A TICAL will occur in Doña Ana village Oct. 9-13, 2018. Community members, Pat Taylor, representatives of INAH, UNM and Cornerstones will jointly lead the workshop. The workshop will address traditional adobe repairs, lime plaster and lime wash of historic structures in Doha Ana, an historic district listed on the State and National Register. The focus will be on the church, the De La O house and the Montoya House. The TICAL will be both classroom and hands on. Participants will meet each day at 8:00AM for coffee/pastries at De la O Visitors Center. The workshop concludes at 4:30PM each day.

Sponsored by: The Historic Preservation Education Foundation, the National Park

Service, Dona Ana Village Historic Preservation Committee, Cornerstones Community Partnerships, University of New Mexico, Pat Taylor Inc., and the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia (INAH).

For information regarding the TICAL and to register contact Karen Kuranz, Cornerstones Community Partnerships at 505-982-9521 or kkuranz@cstones.org and visit www.cstones.org for more detailed information. Space is limited to 40 selected on a first come first serve basis. Fees for attending are $75 and $50 for students. A flexible schedule and scholarships are available for student participants. For more information and to register, contact Karen Kuranz, Cornerstones Community Partnerships, at 505-982-9521 or kkuranz@cstones.org.

Location: De La O Visitors Center, 135 Joe Gutierrez Street, Dona Ana, NM 88032. It is on the corner of Cristo Rey Street and Joe Gutierrez Street.