Bernalillo Wine Museum, Bernalillo, New Mexico


Located at the foot of the Sandia Mountains, the historic town of Bernalillo was officially settled in 1648 by 30 colonial families. Today’s main street, Camino del Pueblo, was part of the El Camino Real, the trade trail from Mexico. Pre-1937 Bernalillo’s main street was also part of Route 66. Originally designed to be used as a barn, the terron (sod brick) building (ca. 1917) was converted to a stable for funeral horses and hearses. (ca. 1920’s) The building was severly burnt by a fire in the 1980’s. The town of Bernalillo purchased this dilapidated building with the intent to rehabilitate it and use it as a Wine Museum depicting the history of the wine industry in New Mexico. In 2005, the town of Bernalillo invited Cornerstones to conduct a conditions assessment and develop a preservation plan. Cornerstones completed the assessment and preservation plan along with a photo documentation and historical research of the site. Recently, the project was awarded a generous grant from the Youth Conservation Corp that will enable youth trainees to be hired to perform the labor during the work phase. Implementation is expected to commence in the spring of 2007. Cornerstones’ Technical Staff will oversee the preservation work performed by the youth work crew.