Las Vegas Presbyterian Mission, Las Vegas, New Mexico


Located in Las Vegas, New Mexico, Las Vegas Presbyterian Mission is the first protestant church to be organized east of the Pecos River and it is the second oldest protestant church in New Mexico. It was finished in 1873 and in 1978 was listed on the National Register of Historic Places because of its historical and architectural significance.  The church is built of adobe and is a combination of traditional New Mexican building methods and east coast influences. It is territorial in style, built in a rectangular plan with architectural details that include Greek revival facades which can be recognized by the tampered wood columns.


In 1997 Cornerstones was approached by members of the community requesting a technical visit to determine the condition of the structure and the priorities for preservation.  A Cornerstones Technical Site Visit report was completed in January 1998 resulting in a preservation plan produced by community members which entailed: improving the drainage system, repairing the structural integrity of the roof, cleaning/ sanding/ painting broken wood elements, creating better handicapped accessibility, replacing the plaster on both the interior and exterior walls and repairing/restoring the front porch.


Between 1998 and 2007, with technical assistance and equipment from Cornerstones and materials funding from the McCune Foundation, a strong volunteer base helped restore this significant structure. These volunteers included community members, students from United World College and Youth Build Las Vegas as well as young church groups from southern Colorado.

The building is currently being converted to serve as a community center for the Old Town area.